Thursday, July 2, 2009

4 weeks to Go and I'm getting edgy

Hi Everyone, Welcome to the Tahiti Blog for the Two wheel Industries Team.
We are going to The 16th Tour D'Lamitie on the 28th of July.
Racing is going to be 1st class and hopefully the team will have lots of fun and success.

Its been 8 years since I ventured to the Tour. I expect many things to have changed however the competitiveness and the friendly nature of the organisers always ensures a great time.
The warm weather always helps.

The team in 2009 is

Sam Layzall
Jarrett Wood
Matthew Augutis
Ben Hill
Dean Benedetti
Gerard Donaldson
Craig Paull
Danny Hennessy

Marcus Arnold
Matthew Hawkins

I welcome all team members to participate in the blog. Its my first time to set one up so its a new experience for me.



  1. The team Launch went fairly well.
    Slightly cold for those not accustomed to the chill in the air!

    Ben Hill Gains Fastest Time in the Lead up Connabarabran to Gunnadah Race.
    Matthew Augutis wins Division 2 Gunnadah to Tamworth.

    Team Progressing well.

    Nick names sought for all team members and Managers

  2. God luck boys. Have fun & hard racing!

  3. Le Tour departs Monaco this evening and all eyes will be on the Aussies as we see them speed along in the Prologue.

    The tour De L'Amitie begins with a 4km Prologue around the streets of Papeete.It will be interesting to see the GC after this test of speed and skills on a Friday.

    The Team will arrive on Monday the 27th July and get in some steady training rides before the tour departs.

    Who will be the leader of the team after the Prologue?

  4. Team initiation is expected to see a few members ride for the hills on arrival.

    I stress that this ritual is not compulsory, its expected!

  5. Hey KQJ how about we rent a derny when we arrive so I can join the boys for pre-race training rides?

  6. You will have to put a hold on the Derny for training DD.The travel Arrangements have changed and there will be no oportunity to train befoer the Prologue now!
    The Young Boys are away racing At Mudgee this weekend. Sam, Matt, Ben,Gerard will hopefully come back with some positive news.

  7. A late scratching from the team has see Matthew Hawkins unable to attend die to Work Commitments.
    Th e team welcomes Gretchen Timbs as we have the countdown to departure in 3 weeks time

  8. The team time trial and individual time trials will be critical, especially the team one. Craig showed some good form last Saturday riding strongly in a 3 man break which stayed away from the likes of KQJ himself. It was good sportsmanship to give two of the states fastest finishers a 5 bikelength head start but I wouldn't recommend 53-11 as a great choice of gears to start the sprint in :- )

  9. Nicknames?
    Danny is Rabs - short for Colonel Rabuka of Fiji coup notoriety. I'll tell you why later....
    Im Derny Driver, Derny or DD
    Whats Benny Hill's nickname?

  10. Is it "HOIST"

    We need to find a nickname for the rest of the team members.

    Jarratt ? Hmmmm!

    Dean ?




  11. Hi Team, wishing you all the best for the Tour. I look forward to following your progress.

    Jan D