Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 Weeks to Go.

The weather is Cold IN NSW.
Morals are at an even level as we battle to get to our departure date.
The Weather in Papeete will lift the teams spirits and Blood pressures.
Who will be team leader after the Prologue?


  1. Training went Well to day!
    Surprising really after the 2nd of 3 Night shifts.
    After waking up with only 5 hrs sleep I contacted Derny Driver and we headed out for a Derny session at West Dapto.
    Sleeping on the Locomotive last night I had frozen legs. Coming home from West dapto I had fast legs.

    Time is ticking away!Bring on the Tour!

  2. Last Derny Session tomorrow.Weather is expected to be fine.
    The team is basically ready to go.The North Squad will be travelling down on Thursday evening and staying close to the airport. The south Crew will be getting up early.
    After doing some searches on the chliean Team it looks like we are in for a hard tour.
    Most of their team are basically Pro Riders.

    Look out for the tahiti tiger!